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The 2024-2025 School Year Lottery will take place on Zoom at 3:45 PM on March 18, 2024. Click on the link below to watch the lottery: .  The lists generated from the lottery will be posted on our lottery results below.

If you are applying for the current school year, to be added to the 23-24 wait lists, please apply for 2024-2025 and then email to let Stacey know that you are interested in both years.

Application in Hindi; Hebrew; Spanish

The lottery waiting lists will change. As siblings and East Brunswick residents apply, they will be moved to the top of the list since they have a State-approved priority. Please note that Charter Schools are free, open-enrollment public schools that are required by law to serve all students. Charter schools shall be open to all students on a space-available basis and shall not discriminate in their admission policies or practices on the basis of intellectual or athletic ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, special needs, proficiency in the English language, or any other basis that would be illegal if used by a school district.

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